What You Need To Know About Nose Plastic Surgery

One of the most common plastic surgery all over the world is nose plastic surgery. Although popular, most people do not know much about them. Nose surgeries are among the easiest and less complicated surgeries. Also known as nose jobs, they are performed for various reasons. Some of the nose jobs require a lot of expertise while others can be performed by a regular cosmetic surgeon. However, all involve altering or making changes to the external and internal nasal organs. Depending on which nose job has been performed, the outcome varies greatly.

Girl before and after picture with nose surgery

Reasons to Get a Nose Surgery

There are two main reasons why nose surgery is required; cosmetic reasons and medical reasons. Rhinoplasty is any nose surgery that is performed to change the physical appearance of the nose. Although rhinoplasty can also improve the health of an individual, by eliminating some medical complications, it is mainly performed to enhance the physical appearance of an individual. There could be a hump in the bridge of the nose that cause discomfort to an individual, or the individual may feel that the shape of the nose does not perfectly go with the shape of the face. The nose could be too narrow or too flat. All these are physical reasons that may lead to a nose plastic surgery.

What Is Septoplasty?

The second type of nose jobs is septoplasty. This is a nose surgery that is performed for medical reasons. Septoplasty is performed to rectify or correct nasal septum deviation. This is the cartilage or wall that separates the two nasal cavities inside the nose. It is locates at the upper part of the nose, just below the eyes. A deviation of the septum is mainly caused by congenital injuries or defects. This causes some medical complications such as frequent headaches, snoring and chronic stuffiness. If these conditions are evidently being caused by a deviation of the septum, the only treatment that a physician can recommend is a septoplasty. There are two approaches to a septoplasty surgery; completely straightening the septum or completely removing the septum and replacing it with a stint.
Although both procedures require the service of a professional nose surgeon, septoplasty is more complicated than rhinoplasty. Being more of a medical procedure, it requires wide consultation to ascertain that the real cause of the symptoms is the deviation of the septum. Septoplasty is covered by medical insurance while rhinoplasty is not. This means that you do not a get a refund from your medical insurance cover after a rhinoplasty surgery.

Finding a Qualified Surgeon

Both rhinoplasty and septoplasty require you, the patient to consult on who is the best surgeon to carry out the procedure. There are very many surgeons out there who would claim to be well qualified to perform face surgeries, but not all have what it takes. To ensure you work with the best surgeon you need to consider various factors. These include; education and training, certification by various regulating bodies, experience with nose plastic surgeries and your comfort while working with them. It’s also good to consider after-surgery services that they may be offering. After you chose a surgeon, you need to visit them and set up your consultation appointment.

Nose jobs are irreversible

Once performed, there is no way you can get back your previous look. You therefore need to critically analyse the intended outcome before you make that critical move. Generally, the outcome will have an effect on your looks. The size, shape, angle and look of the nose will change. The structural problem that causes any breathing problem can be corrected. It can also improve your self-esteem by improving your self-image and your looks.

Potential Disadvantages to Nose Plastic Surgery

However there are several disadvantages of a nose plastic surgery. You may develop face scars that may worsen your look. The scars depend on the type of nose surgery performed. These scars may take time to heal. Due to use of grafting materials, skin problems may also emerge causing tissue breakdown. Just like any other surgery, there could be side effects such as excessive bleeding, infections and poor healing. Thee side effects are not common but they can occur. You need to weigh the pros and cons of a face surgery before you embark on.

The Recovery

After nose surgery you may be advised to avoid certain activities. This may vary depending on the type of surgery that was performed. Your surgeon should provide you with details of your procedure and how long it should take to heal. Most nose jobs take a couple of weeks to heal. You should be able to resume normal daily activities after you fully recover.

Potential Limitations to Be Aware Of

There are however limitations to nose surgery. Your expectation may not be met due to various physical or medical factors. Some of the changes you are expecting may not be surgically possible. For example, the tip the nose may have a thick and oily skin. It may be impossible to reduce the bulky appearance without leaving some scars. Depending on the size of your nose, there may be a limit beyond which it may not be reduced. These limitation may make it hard for you to achieve your desired result.

Potential Risks

There are also risks that are involved in every surgery. Nose surgery is no exception. Like all other surgeries that are performed under anesthetic, there are chances of chest infection. This risk is higher to people who smoke. Infection could complicate the operation. You therefore need to ensure that you minimize the risks by ensuring you are free from cold, sore throats coughs and smoke. There is also a risk of heavy bleeding shortly after the surgery. If this goes on, you should seek treatment. Breathing through the nose may also be a problem after the nose surgery and before healing. This soon disappears after the swelling settles. There could be other risks that may be cause by your health status. You should therefore disclose all information regarding your health to your surgeon before the surgery.

Although nose plastic surgery has its risks, and disadvantages, there are benefits that in most cases outweigh the risks. You get to enjoy the benefits of good looks, high self-esteem and better health after a nose job.