Tips for Getting and Maintaining a Successful Facelift Surgery

If you are contemplating going through a facelift surgery, you will desire to obtain optimal results from the facelift procedure. However, most people who think of getting this surgery have different fears and expectations on what to expect. Always do your research on facelift tips before you go through any surgery, however, minimal it may seem.

results to expect after facelift surgery

If you want to experience a successful facelift, it is important to discuss with the surgeon about all your available options and make appropriate preparation before the surgery as well as plans for recovery after the facelift. Take into account that it is important to go into a facelift operation with a healthy mindset and ample physical preparations and aftercare. The following facelift tips can offer you a guide on how to approach a facelift operation:

Have a Discussion with Your Doctor

As a person you will have individual goals towards having a facelift; having a qualified doctor with adequate experience in performing facelifts will ensure that you obtain satisfactory results as per your desire.

Check your doctor’s skill, his qualifications, his expertise on face lifts, ask how many surgeries he has done, ask to see some samples of pictures of successful cases the doctor has done. A qualified and competent doctor will deliver the facelift that you so desire.

Also, explain to your doctor your reasons behind wanting a face lift, an experienced doctor will pinpoint trouble areas on your face and-and suggest the best possible solution to attain your desired facelift.

Make Early Preparation

Before surgery, your doctor will educate you on what to do and how to prepare for the operation. For example, the common things to avoid include smoking, alcohol and eliminating caffeine temporary. You also have to fill prescriptions for pain medications to take after the surgery, and schedule time off from work.

Recovery and Healing

Just like any surgery process, a facelift also needs time to recover and heal. A successful facelift requires following post-operative directions to facilitate healing. Following up on post-operative instructions ensures an easy and smooth post-operation experience.

After the surgery, immediate physical and strenuous activity that can affect the operated area is highly discouraged. Swelling may occur after surgery, but it will reduce as you heal. Having a good support network of friends and family is important as they will help you to rest while they assist you with daily physical activities.

Personal Aftercare to Maintain the Facelift

After the operation, a personal care regime on how to look after your face and body will determine how long you keep the results of the facelift visible. A proper diet with exercise will enable you to maintain a healthy weight to sustain the results of the facelift.

For best results, remember the following facelift tips:

  • Be wary of doctors whose facelifts totally change your physical appearance.
  • Consider a future forehead lift because a facelift will only rejuvenate the lower two-thirds of your face.
  • Quit smoking and do not take aspirin before surgery.
  • Applying ice after surgery minimizes the swelling.
  • Sleep on an elevated pillow for the first few days to manage the swelling.
  • Expect your facelift to age too after seven to ten years but you may decide to undertake another facelift.

Also, it is important to know that people are made differently hence the results stated for facelift tips will vary and how long they last depend on a personal and physical well-being of an individual. If your skin care habits are high then, a facelift done right will stay with you for a very long time.

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