Mommy Makeover Tips

Mommy makeover is a great way for restoring your pre-pregnancy appearance by focusing on your breast and abdomen look. As a mommy, your makeover might include a tummy tuck or a breast procedure such as lift, augmentation, reduction or liposuction of the arms, legs or trunk. If you are thinking about undergoing a makeover after a pregnancy, you could be wondering what it’s like to go through this procedure. For purposes of this discussion, this article will focus on highlighting mommy makeover tips to help you during your next undertaking. 

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How to know if you are a good candidate for mommy makeover

A mommy makeover can reverse the physical effects of childbearing and aging. If you recently underwent childbearing, then you need to consider undertaking a makeover.

This procedure can help in ridding characteristics like:

  • If your breasts have increased in size beyond proportion or causing you back pain after undergoing childbirth
  • If you have early signs of aging around your eyes or face
  • If your tummy has started getting stretch marks and loose skin or if your waistline has become thick or undefined
  • If after undergoing a C-section, you have portions of fat hanging over your surgical scar
  • If you have sagging or uneven breasts, drooping nipples, decreased breast volume or stretched areolas 
  • If you have excess fat in your love-handle area as well as your hips and thighs 

Most importantly, you need to be in a good physical health and positive attitude, to become a good candidate for a makeover procedure.

How the procedure is performed

It is important to understand that a mommy makeover is not a procedure in itself but a descriptive term, so you will first need to consult a plastic surgeon before you decide which procedure to agree to. 

Initial appointment and Treatment plan

During the initial appointment, you will discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon, clarifying your problems and how you want them addressed. Your surgeon will then evaluate your candidacy, explaining what procedures will benefit you most. Afterward, your surgeon will suggest the other additional or related procedures that might help. 

During the consultation, be sure to honest with your surgeon, and answer the questions openly. 

How to prepare for a mommy makeover

Depending on the particular type of procedure involved, your preparation for the makeover might vary. However, after taking your detailed medical history and conducting a physical fitness exam to reduce the risks of complications, you will be given additional instructions to follow during the preparation, regardless of the type of procedure you will undergo. 

These special instructions may include:

  • Achieving your target weight first, but not in the month before the operation
  • Preparing your home for recovery, depending on the type of procedure
  • Reduce alcohol consumption to at least two to three drinks every week
  • Make sure you are having work outs for at least thirty minutes every day
  • Make sure you are taking a healthy balanced diet with plenty of minerals, vitamins and even antioxidants

What to expect 

Most mommy makeover surgeries are usually carried out in accredited health facilities but they can also be carried out in free-standing ambulatory facilities or office-based surgical suite, depending on the type of makeover procedure. Your surgeon will give you the outline of the specific procedure, including the how long it will take and what to expect after the surgery. 

You should generally expect to go home on the day of the surgery or spend one to two nights in an aftercare health facility, at a fee. Depending on the intensity of the procedure you will choose, your post-surgical care recovery might vary, though you should expect to return to your normal level of activity and work after a few weeks.

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