How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?


If you are interested in breast implants surgery, perhaps you want to find out the cost of procedure. Breast augmentation prices may vary widely. Several factors such as breast implant cost, your area of residence, your surgeon’s fees as well as expenses related to surgery (such as anesthesia) may affect the cost of augmentation surgery. Keep on reading to find out the cost of breast implant surgery, how the cost can be affected by the type of breast implant. You will also learn how warranties can increase value, and discover your financing options as a patient.

Girl with breast implants

Breast implant procedures cost varies widely depending on where you live. The 2012 edition of healthcare blue book stated that the average of cost of breast augmentation procedure including anesthesia, facility fees and physician was raging from as low as $5,383 in Cleveland, Ohio in Dallas, Texas $5,883 or as high as about $6,803 in Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida and about $7,301 in New York city. Generally, as a rule of thumb, an area where the cost of living is much higher attracts a higher overall breast implant surgery cost.

Factors that affect the cost of breast augmentation 

The following are the most common factors that will likely affect the cost of breast implant surgery cost:

  • Post-surgery care 
  • The level of complexity of a patient’s case 
  • Hospital fees or surgical facility 
  • The anesthesia fees for the surgery 
  • Prescription for medication 

The Professional Medical Society for Plastic Surgery and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that average cost for implant surgeon’s fees in 2014 was about $3,441 for saline implants and $3,848 for silicone implants.

These estimates however do not include extra surgery-related expenses like:

  • Post-surgery garments 
  • Anesthesia fees for the procedure 
  • Surgical facility or hospital fees 
  • Prescription for medication 

Medical tests and miscellaneous costs

As you try to estimate the cost for breast implant surgical procedure, ensure all these fees are taken care of. Be sure to directly ask your surgeon if these are the only fees involved in your estimate. Since there aren’t set of costs for any of the above expenses, it’s extremely important to explore several options by having a meeting with different surgeons and getting as many estimates as possible for their surgeon fees and also the extra surgical-related expenses. A doctor’s cost for breast augmentation procedure can vary depending on his/her experience. The areas in which you are having your surgery may also influence all these costs because competition and demand varies by state or city.


You can evaluate your surgeon by using Cost Questionnaire. This will help you greatly in asking the right queries so as to avoid any financial surprises along the way. You can use it together with the comprehensive Surgeon Finder Tool to choose the most qualified and right plastic surgeon for your specific needs. Note that the breast augmentation experience of a surgeon and your level of comfort with him are the most significant factors for great results.

What about comparing costs of saline and silicone implants?

When considering the cost as it relates to saline versus silicone breast implants, the feel and look you want to achieve are the most important factors to think about. Are you looking forward to having a firmer substance with the same composition to fluid that makes up the most of the body or are would you prefer a more natural feel and look? The silicone gel implants looks the same as breast tissues. Saline-filled implants on the other hand are filled with solution of saltwater that looks like the fluid that fills up most of the body but are a bit firmer to the touch. This is a very important factor to be considered in your breast augmentation process. Remember to discuss this with your doctor.

How breast implant warranties add value

The implant warranty is also another important component to be considered. The warranties will add extra value to the breast implant package by safeguarding you from unnecessary extra costs along the way. Certain warranties are free with purchase of implants. All the MENTOR breast implants are purchased with lifetime product replacement policy at absolutely no cost. Going through the warranty options will help you discover how to save money.

What are my financing options?

If you are unable to finance cosmetic procedures upfront, you may opt for many other financing options available. Financing allows you the option to reduce the initial cost of the surgical procedure by enabling you to make payments as far as your budget is concerned. There are some good programs with low interest rates that enable you to settle the total amount as fast as possible. Some doctors do offer financing options through the affiliate services within their practice. Other surgeons may try to persuade you to consider other financing providers to identify the one that is best for you. Talk to the potential doctors directly as far as the costs of procedure and financing options available for you are concerned.

Generally, since majority of surgeons require that the cost of breast augmentation be settled in full two to three weeks before the procedure, most patients find it more convenient and much easier to apply for financing.

Using credit cards for payments 

Most cosmetic surgeons will accept payments by use of credit cards for part or all of the cost of breast implant surgery. Credit cards provide an easier payment method since they are widely accepted, however this method of payment can be too expensive, and many patients will have pre defined limits of what to spend. In addition, interest rates for credit cards are always significantly higher compared to those of cosmetic surgery loans.


Breast implant procedure is the most popular among ladies specifically new moms that have just finished breastfeeding and have lost the breast pump, as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned. The good news however is that the national average cost of breast augmentation procedure has been going down every year since 2010. For instance, according to information from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average doctor’s fees for breast implant procedure in 2011 was $3,694 in for silicone implants. This number dropped and by end of 2012, it stood at $3,543. However, there are several contributing factors that will likely affect the total cost of implant breast surgery.