Don’t be afraid to research your Cosmetic Surgeon

Don’t be afraid to research your Cosmetic Surgeon

Nearly every human on earth can find something that they don’t like about their body and that, given the time, they would opt to permanently change. Look no further than movies and TV shows that deal with people visiting doctor’s offices constantly to change the way that people in the world view them. Here some quick and easy tips to consider when trying to find the perfect cosmetic surgeon for you. 

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Experience in the procedure you want 

You are altering your appearance. Make sure that the person conducting the alterations has had experience doing this surgery successfully before. Ask them how many times they have performed the surgery. And don’t worry about being rude, it isn’t rude at all to get comfortable with the surgeon who is going to become acquainted with your body as it is altered. Ask what their subspecialty is. You don’t want a doctor who specializes in cosmetic foot surgery to operate on your nose. 


Pay attention to aesthetics

Each person’s sense of beauty is a little bit different. So, when you are picking a surgeon to change how your beauty looks, pick someone who has the same taste in beauty as you. Look at their previous work and find similar bodies of patients in the before and after pics. Make sure you understand how the surgeon thinks when sculpting a new look for a body part. The last thing you want is to regret getting the surgery after the surgery is over. 


Board Certification

One of the easiest and most obvious things to do when checking who your cosmetic surgeon is is to simply locate and confirm their board certification and their consistency at their job. Make sure they are certified by the best and brightest in the cosmetic surgery world. 


Come prepared to ask questions

Here is a small list of questions to ask, other than what has been listed above already.

  • Do you have hospital privileges?
  • If a cosmetic surgeon doesn’t have privileges to be in the hospital, you should be concerned as this may have to do with something in their background check that the hospital deemed suspicious or dangerous. 
  • What is your surgical record? 
  • Check to see if the surgeon has any red flags from surgical performances. They could have malpractice judgements waiting that you would want to know about. 
  • What is the recovery time?
  • Everybody wants to know when they can resume their normal life after surgery so check how long you are going to need to take for the surgery to settle in nicely. 


Consider all of the above as topics for discussion when you head into the surgeon’s office and meet with him or her about the procedure. And remember, they want to make you look the way you want to look, but they also have to worry about their own records and their own professional lives. Make sure you are one hundred percent comfortable with the surgeon you choose and that you have absolute faith in your decision to alter your body permanently. 

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