Body Contouring

Have You Heard These Facts and Myths About Body Contouring?

girl with body contouring marks

Health insurance does not typically cover aesthetic surgery for instance body contouring. It has verified to be productive ground for plastic surgeons. Escalating numbers of plastic surgeons are dedicating at the slightest part, if not all, of their practices to improving the loose skin dilemma caused by weight loss. Body contouring eliminates unwanted fatty areas and extra folds of skin. Liposuction and excision are the most general methods used to shape the body. Body contouring procedures are executed to reform body structures to develop physical appearance and confidence.
Body contouring surgeries comprise the well-liked tummy tuck and the lifting and tightening of skin somewhere that it’s loose and sagging. Typical parts for body-contouring involve breasts, arms, thighs, and the generally lower body. Women use body contouring to treat many various areas. The most common are the hips, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Men most usually obtain treatment for the chest, stomach, waist, chin, neck and enlarged breasts. Since body contouring is chief surgery, some hazards are engaged.


Some pain, swelling and bruising are natural for two to three weeks after surgery. After immense weight loss in a short period, the skin does not preserve its shape, parting the patient with excess, baggy skin. What is more, patients lose various amounts of body fat before the weight loss levels, leaving them thin, moderate, or still thick. Though prior body-contouring methods worked properly on smaller patients who had gastric bypass surgery, larger people habitually had visible blemishes above and below the underwear region after surgery, as well as skin that did not correspond well to the body.
One or more methods may be proposed to accomplish your objectives for a more young-looking, contoured body. Body contouring goals may be attained in one surgical session or may be more carefully performed in phases depending on your overall fitness, the form, and limit of procedures being considered along with the conclusion from conversations and suggestions by your plastic surgeon throughout the discussion process. Developments to your body’s figure and overall image may be obtained by condensing excess fat and tissue.
Body contouring surgical procedure takes in some various bodies sculpting methods used by aesthetic surgeons to reform approximately any part of the body. Using body sculpting surgery, patients can successfully eradicate excess fat and skin that are impassive to diet and exercise. This floppy slumped skin can generate hygiene problems and is prone to abrasion, rashes, and infection. Surgical methods to incise away and stiffen the excess skin have become one of the fastest-growing omnipresent cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic body contouring surgery seeks to enhance the shape, contours, and proportions of the body using surgery.
The myths regarding body contouring procedures being darn expensive are not true anymore. There were a tie liposuction and similar figure correction surgeries used to cost a lot, but things have improved in last few years.
Nowadays, with a little effort and knowledge you can find reasonably priced such procedures at clinics near your place.
Some people also think that they will be wasting their money by undergoing surgery as the results do not last long. It needs to be remembered the duration of results of such surgeries depend on to the lifestyle and habits of a person to an extent.
After undergoing liposuction and similar body contouring surgeries a person should adhere to healthy diet and exercise to retain the new body shape, nobody wants to remain obese without a doubt but sometimes conventional methods of weight loss just do not bring expected results.
In some cases, people with excessive amount of sagging and loose skin fail to get results from diet change and workouts.
This makes them seek surgeries to cut the excess flab and weight. However, myths do exist, and they can drive you to think that it is harmful or unsuitable for you.
It is important that you know the prevalent body contouring myths and the facts shrouded by them for your benefit.
The most common myth is that it helps a person to lose weight as a weight loss program will do. It is true that with body contour excess fat cells in some parts of your body are removed for good.
However, that does not mean you can consider body contouring as a substitute for a proper weight loss method.
Another prevalent myth is that it requires a person to spend some days at the clinic. This is far from reality since body contouring surgery can be performed within a few hours unless it is a complex case.
Even if you lead a hectic life, this can be done by a weekend, and you will be ready for your daily chores within few days post-surgery.
This misconception leads them leading a carefree life with junk foods and no exercise.
Some people think that body contouring procedure is limited to the tummy tuck. While the tummy tuck is a popular cosmetic surgery that thousands of adults resort to, there are some other useful cosmetic procedures available.
It all depends on your body and skin type, health conditions and eligibility for a procedure. Some people also opt for cosmetic surgeries like neck lift.
Before opting for any procedure do your homework well. This will ensure you will not get affected by prevalent myths.
It will also save you from plastic surgery clinics that try wooing prospective clients with advertisements and industry jargons. The myths are generated by people who opted for wrong surgeries for their need or got treated by inexperienced surgeons.
This does not necessarily make such procedures harmful for all. You can gain in many ways by doing your homework on body contouring before you opt for such a surgery.
Body contouring surgery is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after surgical procedures, preferred by both men and women. Men, as well as women, have problematic areas of excess fat accumulation. While men have the excessive fat accumulation in sectors such as love handles, abdomen, and chest, women tend to have trouble with the thighs, arms, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. All those who have excess skin or fat in any of these areas can benefit from body contouring surgery.

Improve Your Appearance with the Help of Body Surgeons

Finding a surgeon for your body contouring procedure is a task that should not be taken lightly. It is vital that you contact a body contouring surgeon who has a great deal of successful experience in performing the particular type of surgery. This surgery can enhance your appearance, self- confidence, and change your entire outlook on life.


Practical Procedures for Long-lasting Results

A variety of procedures isolated or combined with other operations can work towards producing a slimmer and pleasing figure. Some of the commonly performed procedures that fall under the body contouring surgery include:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tucks or Abdominoplasty
  • Thigh lift
  • Breast augmentation with lift
  • Arm lift
  • Buttock lift

Making the Big Decision

Deciding to undergo a contouring surgery is a big decision in one’s life, and the patient needs to acutely aware of the risks and complications that go along with it. It is better to arrange an initial consultation with a surgeon to discuss your particular case.