Blepharoplasty – What to Expect

What is Blepharoplasty, does it work?

Blepharoplasty is a procedure that when performed on our eyes eyelids becomes tighter and firmer. It is also a good way to reduce the wrinkles if not eliminate them. Blepharoplasty works wonders when it comes to removing fine wrinkles on the surface of the skin but not the ones that are rooted deeply. Blepharoplasty makes you look fresh and bright rather that appearing tired and droopy. Thanks to these physical improvements, you almost instantly start to feel more confident that helps you boost your self-esteem. The trick here is to have realistic expectations from the surgery, and you will not be disappointed!

blepharoplasty surgery example

Below are blepharoplasty tips you can follow when you plan to undertake the blepharoplasty surgery.

Research the process thoroughly

Even though blepharoplasty is a fairly straightforward procedure, but just like any other medical process, this one too comes with its set of risks. However, much of these risks are avoidable if you do thorough research. Knowledge can never fail you so read as much as you can and-and know about the risks as well as the benefits. It is always beneficial to talk to other people who have had this procedure.

Find the right surgeon

When you talk to your GP, they understand your need for cosmetic surgery and would be able to recommend a good surgeon to you. You can also use the internet to look for reputable, experienced surgeons in blepharoplasty. Avoid the ones who seem to be pushing too hard and interested only in making the profit.

Do some soul searching

You need to exactly why you need to undergo this medical procedure. Is it solely for the cosmetic purpose or do you have a medical requirement? Any procedure that involves medical intervention should not be taken lightly, and it is important for you to be honest with yourself. Your reasons for the surgery should be you and not please other people.You must also have realistic expectations from the surgery. This is the reason it is necessary for you to be honest about your intentions and you will be very pleased to see the results.

So to ensure that the results come out the way you expect them to, it is important that you follow through with these nine helpful tips for a successful recovery.

Keep your head elevated.

After blepharoplasty surgery it is important that you keep your head always above the level of the rest of your body especially when sleeping. This is done to reduce swelling which can promote faster healing. You can use two to three medium size pillows to prop up your head, or an inclined foam wedge will also do.

Blepharoplasty Tips For a Successful Recovery Post Blepharoplasty Surgery

Avoid the stressful stuff.

During the first week after surgery, it is important that you steer clear off any activities or factors that can strain your eyes. This includes watching television, playing any sports, wearing contact lenses or eye make-ups.

Keep those peepers clean.

Your surgeon will give instructions on how to clean your eyes after surgery. Follow them carefully and make sure that you keep the process as clean as possible to prevent introducing bacteria and infection.

Get some eye protection.

Use an eyeglass when you go out to protect your eyes from dust and other particles. Your eyes may also be extra sensitive and dark sun glasses can effectively protect your eyes from the glare.

Eat Right.

Although you may not appreciate the results right away, eating right can help promote faster healing. By increasing your intake on foods that are rich in vitamins C and E, you promote faster healing.

Eye drops for comfort.

Your eyes may tend to get dry and itchy days after blepharoplasty surgery, avoid rubbing them to avoid complications. Instead, use eye drops to keep the eyes moist and to wash off any particles that went inside.

Choose and Apply Ointment Carefully.

When using eye drops or ointments, it is advised to apply it from the inner to the outer canthus of the eye. You need to squeeze out a tiny bit and then remove it before you apply the rest of the solution. Ensuring a safe and aseptic technique prevents the introduction of bacteria which can lead to infection.

Give those eyes enough rest.

A successful recovery entails that you give your eyes the rest that it deserves. Stress, as we all know, can contribute to delay healing especially on the traumatized eyelids, and it can further tire the eyes causing it to dry out or itch easily.The above blepharoplasty tips will help you in case you decide to undertake the procedure.

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